MARC Construction and Development has always strived to provide a level of excellence in all of the services the company has offered for over 30 years

MARC, Marketing Advanced Realty Concepts, has had the pleasure to build hundreds of luxury homes and commercial developments consisting of retail and office. Developments in numerous states stand today as an outstanding example of the level of quality that the company has produced.

The company takes great pride in the complete satisfaction that new home construction buyers, sellers, and investors have achieved with our involvement

Every home we build or renovate is an example of innovation, energy efficiency, creative design, long-lasting value, and a truly wonderful home environment for our purchasers to enjoy.

Our simple mission statement has always been “Success is our Mission”
Above are just a few of the homes and buildings that Marc Construction and Development has completed.


  • Custom Home Construction
  • Complete Renovation of Homes & Condos
  • Investment Services
  • Home Buying & Selling Representation
  • Consulting services

Please let us know how we can help you.